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Magnificent French Clock by AUGUSTE of Paris c1888. Movement by Japy Freres.
Fourteen day movement strikes the hours and half hours on a single bell. Via a rack

CCR125/o £2750-00

French Oval carriage clock by DUVERDRY & BLOQUEL late 19th centuary.Eight day movement.

CCR205/o £475-00

American Ginger bread shelf clock by New Haven Clock Co c1900. Strikes on a gong.
Eight day movement.

CCR182/o £235-00

Electric Mantle clock by VITASCOPE INDUSTRIES of the Isle of Man late 1940s early 1950.Automata &
Diorama with sunrise/sunset etc

CCR148/o £650-00

French Garniture de Cheminee by A GODY Amboise, Anjou c1890. Eight day movement with count wheel strike on a single bell. Eight/ten light candlesticks.

CCR119/o £895-00

Victorian bracket clock by JUNGHANS 8 day movement strikes the hours & half hours on a coiled gong
Via a count wheel.

CCR194/o £285-00

Late Victorian rocking horse stained pine safety stand with turned colums. Some damage and
Replacement tack. Four bolt swinger brackets.

CCR207/o £1250-00